FAQ on the Tracking Refugees Information System (TRIS)

  • What is this registration scheme?
The registration scheme is an initiative by the Government of Malaysia in collecting personal and biometrics information of UNHCR card holders to be included in a national database with regard to improve and manage the situation of refugees in Malaysia. The issuance of document (a special identity card- MyRC) upon completion of registration process would be a great opportunity to the refugees and asylum seekers when their identities can easily verified by the Government enforcement agencies.
  • Who is running this scheme?

TRIS Center, appointed by Government of Malaysia, will be conducting the exercise of the registration scheme with close monitoring by the Government.

  • Who can apply for registration under TRIS?

All the refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Where can refugees and asylum seekers register for MyRC card?

At TRIS Center, Ground Floor, Tower 5, Avenue 5, Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur. (Near Kerinchi LRT Station).

  • Do I have to pay for MyRC card?

Yes, it is RM 500 per person, applicable for the age between 19 – 59 years only. Its means the person aged 18 and below; and 60 and above are no need to pay.

  • Will registering under scheme provide me protection by the Malaysian Goverment?

Yes, the risk of being arrested and detained is minimized. The scheme will also allow the registered individuals to stay temporarily in Malaysia based on the validity of the card issued by the Government. The data gathered from the registration scheme is assured to not to distributed, share or use externally.

  • Am I allowed to work with the new card?

It is an opportunity to work but it is subject to the permission of Government and the ability of individual.

  • Can I get nationality / citizenship from this card eventually?

Nationality is one country’s right to award to individuals who are eligible and qualified, only base on qualification sets by the Government. Thus, individuals who fulfill the requirements or qualifications will be taken into consideration, subject to the Government’s approval.

  • Can this card card be used for travelling by plane?

It can be used as a travel document for domestic flights.

  • We change our job frequently, while holding the new cards, do our employer’s may also change frequently. So, how can you settle the problem of lot of changings?

We know about job changing frequently. Under present program, data will be saved online. So, it will be arranged to check easily and to amend easily. Therefore, giving the correct information is needed.

  • Can I get a replacement if I lose my card?

You must a lodge a police report informing the lose of the card and bring the report to TRIS registration center. Once verified, it will be recorded but the person has to wait for until renewal time.

  • Will there be someone who speaks my language to help me during the interview?

Yes, there will be interpreters to assist the registration process.

  • What are the requirements?

UNCHR card with QR code for each person

Already got appointment / bring leaflet of TRIS

Water or Electricity bill of residence

Marriage certificate, (if married) and spouse must be together with applicant

Birth certificates of children that require registration

Blood group

The particulars of employer such as name, contact number, company name,

Address if he / she has employer