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Tracking Refugees Information System

TRIS registration scheme is initiated by the Government of Malaysia and is compulsory to every UNHCR card holder or asylum seeker residing in Malaysia. All registered refugees and asylum seekers will be given special identity cards ( MyRC) certified by the Government of Malaysia.

     TRIS ( Tracking Refugees Information System) is a database system of Malaysia, related to the status of UNHCR card holders and asylum seekers. TRIS is introduced to streamline the process of management and profile together with the process of data collection, registration, keeping profile, analysis and reporting for the Government of Malaysia.

Data and information collected from the UNHCR card holders and asylum seekers are in line with the data which UNHCR has already collected. But TRIS system is more detailed because it involves the whole profile of the families of refugee and asylum seeker. TRIS system is supported and completed by information technology through main database in which registration is done with biometric finger print method, facial recognition and using MyRC (Malaysia Refugee Card) or their own identity cards.

     TRIS is a platform for the Government to access the status and profile of refugees and asylum seekers. Information and database of TRIS is updated daily together with the readiness for online Service and centre based service together with ability to make mirroring profile method and second Gateway for the Government.

     Process of gathering and registration at present is to register at the counter of MyRC office and another method to be introduced is mobile registration. The registration is able to put all the profile of UNHCR card holders and asylum seekers into TRIS database and MyRC cards will be issued after various screening processes have been done. MyRC card is the source of real information on the identities of refugees and asylum seekers. With correct and exact registration, they have a potential to avoid making risk and threat to the citizens of Malaysia and also Malaysia.

Objectives And Benefits

Main focus of this project is to assist the Government of Malaysia to settle the issues that related to monitor the status verification on refugees and asylum seekers residing in Malaysia.

Malaysian Government has received an estimated of 170,000 refugees from various countries such as Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt and Jordan. These huge number of refugees require proper management to monitor and track their activities to ensure the safety of the country. Increasing number of refugees in the country give the bad impact on the Government. Besides this, their livelihood claims need to be managed more effectively and they also need to be registered properly; and their locations to be recorded.

    Registration and control them are so critical to make sure the safety of the country as especially the refugees who pose impact to produce social problems are concentrated. Given priority to that, TRIS and the Government agencies such as KDN, JIM, MKN and PDRM are taking steps to settle the status problems of UNHCR card holders and asylum seekers in Malaysia.

The main advantage the UNHCR card holders and asylum seekers will benefit from this scheme is that the Government can easily verify the identities of them using national database. So, the risk of being arrested and detained is minimised. Currently, the company is in the process of working with Ministry of Home Affairs to allow MyRC card holders who have employers to apply for temporary work permits which will give them an opportunity to find a source of income and prevent them from committing illegal activities.


Provide online registration system to register facial recognition the demographic information and finger print.

Realizing a complete data base and comprehensive regarding the status of the refugee in Malaysia.

Make ready to save the profiles, analysis of information, the status of the refugee and report in accordance with the requirement of the government and the platform to ensure the total number of refugee in Malaysia through TRIS.

Providing UNHCR card holder or asylum seeker a Malaysia Refugee Card (MyRC) which serve as a special Identity Card once the process of security screening is done.

Manage and register for UNHCR card Holder and asylum seeker in order to stay legally in Malaysia.

TRIS will key in the important information and complete personal details into the system such as: profile picture, sound recording and fingerprints of the refugee. Handing over the MyRC card to the refugee will be done carefully through biometric fingerprint system and the face recognition.

Process of collecting data and audit has to be done daily to make sure information filled in the TRIS system is correct and exact besides make ready to update the data.

TRIS is responsible in performing the process of sending data and the status of the refugee to the government agencies for the purpose of screening data so that the MyRC cardholder is not involved in any criminal cases.

TRIS will analyse the statistic to determine the number of refugees in terms of: gender, categories (working or not working), age, country (current residence), citizen (country of origin) and the nationality.