Why TRIS ?

Malaysia Government has received an estimated of 155,200 refugess from various countries such as Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yamen, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt and Jordan. These huge number of refugees require proper management to monitor and track their activities to ensure the safety of the country.

TRIS is the platform to gather the information of refugees and asylum seekers. It is to assist the Government monitor and track refugees that is currently residing in Malaysia. All registered information will be mirrored and synchronized with the database of the Government of Malaysia such as JIM, PDRM, and MKN.

The main advantage the refugees and asylum seekers will benefit from this scheme is that the Government can easily verified the identities of them using the national database. So the risk of being arrested and detained is minimized.

What is TRIS

TRIS Registration Scheme, initiated by the Government of Malaysia, is Compulsory to every refugees and asylum seeker, residing in Malaysia.  All registered refugees under the scheme will be given a special identity card (MyRC) which consists of personal data; and it is also certified by the Government of Malaysia.
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Registration For MyRC


Registration Process Flow

TRIS Grand Opening Video

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